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 Colorful Bird

Mobile classes for institutions and private parties

               we bring our classes to you 

The Golden Moth will custom create classes for your needs and space.

We are ready to partner with:

-private parties of more than 5 participants


-nursing homes, assisted living communities 

-community centers 

-senior centers 

-adult education centers 

-other institutions interested in hosting our classes


Here are some of our mobile classes:

Painting on canvas (we provide canvas, paints, brushes and aprons)

Watercolor painting (everything needed is provided)

Sculpting with polymer clay or regular clay whenever possible

Collage making (everything needed is provided but you are welcome to bring your own materials)

Foreign language conversation (Spanish, French, Chinese, etc. basic knowledge required)

Art & Foreign Language fusion - Brain Fitness 

Please contact us for more information and questions:

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