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Painting art class Solana Beach San Diego The Golden Moth
drawing art class Solana Beach San Diego The Golden Moth
Watercolor and Acrylics Painting

Under the supervision of our instructors, learn the basics of painting 

  • Learn color mixing and color theory

  • get inspired by art history and create your own masterpiece

  • Learn a variety of techniques and styles: botanical, landscape, city scape, abstract...


All materials included: paint, brushes, watercolor paper and/or canvas.

workshop sessions: 2h - 2.5h



charged hourly  on Tuesday and Saturday - for you to continue working on your projects (12-4pm).

You are welcome to bring your own materials. 

Drawing classes: pencil, charcoals
  • Learn to sketch and refine line drawing for proportion and accuracy

  • Create mass and dimension through the addition of shading and values

  • Learn the techniques to create three-dimensional effects

  • We explain and illustrate how to have a balance of lights, darks, and medium values

Please check the current calendar. Not offered on regular basis. 

All materials included

workshop sessions: 2h

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