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Regular Clay Classes 

Earth clay is used to create 3D projects of all kind, from pottery to figures, and is worked by hand. It needs to be air-dried for a week and then fired in a kiln. Glazes with glossy, matte, or specialty finishes are used to decorate pottery and are baked on during the firing process.  


You may choose to follow your instructor's suggestion or your own idea when deciding on your project. 

Make a small or large piece - your choice

Finish your project in ONE visit or continue working on the same project in MULTIPLE visits.

We do not use wheels.
Glazes, molds and all the tools are free for you to use. 

Clay is available for purchase on the site for a small fee (1/2 bag or 1 whole bag).

We provide aprons. 

Kiln firing: When ready, your piece will be dried (at least one week) and fired in our kiln, 

Extra fee for firing: $10-$20 per firing. 

We also work with air-dry clay for smaller projects. 

Price per class: $45 (2.5h) per person (min. 3) 

Our studio on South Cedros is now closed. Clay classes are now offered only in my private studio/garage in Carmel Valley. Please call for more info: (858) 822-9356

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