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Art Making and Foreign Language Fusion for Brain Fitness

Combination of art making activity with foreign language learning in a casual environment will positively impact both your creativity and your brain health. Choose any combination of art making: painting, sculpting or jewelry making with one of our suggested languages: Beginning French or Beginning Spanish. 


Your class: 

Price: $40 for studio class per person: 2.5 h

Groups: please contact us for more info

Please inquire here:

or call us at (858) 822-9356

Mature adults and seniors need to constantly engage in brain fitness activities to stimulate the "thinking" part of their brain - the frontal lobe, essential for maintaining cognitive skills, memory, judgment, problem solving and motor functioning. 

In addition to Physical Activity -

Artistic Expression - such as drawing, painting, sculpting - stimulates both brain hemispheres--the logical and the creative parts of your brain. 


Learning another language also promotes higher-order operations, such as organizing, memorizing and expressing ideas. 

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